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Amanda Rekunyk CHt


 Amanda began working with young children, youth, and their families in 2004. She has a diploma in Child and Youth Counselling, and she is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt) and is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). Amanda is also a teacher of Heart Resonance and Reiki Master. 

Kailey Tyers R.H.N.


Kailey has always been passionate about healthy eating and nutrition. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). She has worked in the Holistic Nutrition field since 2017, working with community members to make healthy lifestyle and dietary changes. 

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Hypnotherapy is an opportunity for you to finally release what is holding you back. It is the time where you connect with your inner self to guide and heal yourself with the assistance of a clinical hypnotherapist. Using techniques such as regression therapy, parts therapy, and soul screening, Amanda will help you recognize, release, and realign your inner being so you can be more congruent with your intentions and your actions


Nutritional Consulting

Nutritional consulting looks at the body - mind - spirit connection. Addressing the interactive factors unique to each individual; we then document your goals, needs, and plans. Evaluating your lifestyle and overall feeling of well-being, we look to identify nutritional imbalances.  Using an individualized wellness program we work to correct imbalances. This  includes the use of whole, nutrient-dense foods; menu plans; natural source supplements; and lifestyle modification

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Heart Resonance

Working with heart resonance is wonderful. It is an energy of unconditional, universal love. Heart resonance is used to align, balance, and clear all the chakras, physical and etheric. It does so by entraining the non-truthful energies into the higher vibration of heart resonance. Amanda is available for heart resonance sessions as well as heart resonance training.

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Peaceful Pregnancy

In peaceful pregnancy, you and your birth partner will learn all the tools you need to have a fearless birth and a family-connected post-partum experience. By choosing peaceful pregnancy you are making a very powerful family-centered choice to be mindful of how your thoughts and emotions effect your pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experience.In fact, by researching calm birth programs, you are already setting the tone for your birth experience to be calm and directed by you. This program is designed to have your birth partner closely involved and connected with you and your baby. What a fortunate baby to have chosen such conscientious parents! You'll have all you need within you to be prepared for baby's arrival. Over the course of 5 classes, I will teach you and your birth partner how to create and connect with your inner peace, communicate with baby, and prepare for a calm birth. This takes practice, and I look forward to guiding you through it!


Conscious Couples

Ready to get to know your partner, again? About to get married? Do you have a significant anniversary coming up? Preparing to become parents? About to be empty nesters? Whatever stage you are in, this is the session for you. In conscious couples, you will learn about your communication style and that of your partner, how you are successful together, and ways to become even more successful. Part of this session includes spending time reconnecting with yourself and evaluating where you have been and where you want to go. Then, with your partner and your new understanding of how you both communicate, together you can share the details of these self-discoveries.


Conscious Parenting

Deciphering children's behaviour. Some days it's hard to know why children are doing the things they do. Behaviour is communication. It is another way of having emotional needs met, avoiding unpleasantries, getting something desired, or processing our sensory environment. Sometimes it's in response to a specific person, place, thing, or time of day. How do you figure this out? You're not alone, book into this group session to learn how to understand behaviour as communication.


This class is also recommended for people who work with young children

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 "Amanda at Whole Life Consciousness is a gift. Her approach in all of her modalities is gentle, reassuring, and she takes great care to explain everything she is doing. Blending her training, her heart, and her innate skills, she healed my fibroids completely. A life-changer for me. I HIGHLY recommend her!" -A.S 

 "I'm eternally grateful for Amanda and credit her for helping me work through some very deeply seeded childhood issues. Amanda's strong empathic nature comes through clearly when working with her. I felt relaxed and at ease with her in a way that I feel helped me get better results overall. I would recommend her people who are serious about their own healing who happen to be looking for help in healing from deeply traumatic or painful emotional challenges. Thank so much Amanda!"  -S.P 

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